Happy Thursday!

I had an awesome day yesterday, so let’s talk about that, k?

In the morning I went to the gym with mi padre and completed 15 minutes on the elliptical, followed by an upper body workout. NBD, right?


This is a freaking winner. I combined egg whites and cheese and threw it in a tomato basil wrap, rolled it up and placed it back into the pan to get crispy. Holy pancakes, this was delicious.

Moving on.

Jon and I decided to take Gunner for a run so he came over and we did just that.

After our run, the plan was to go apple picking and pumpkin picking. I know, big dreams. Well, it seemed that every darn apple orchard is closed during the week around here. What the heck. So, we just went pumpkin picking. But not without a pit stop for lunch at Chipotle because I am a Chipotle freak.


Steak tacos for him, veggie salad for her.

Now I had to energy I needed to pick out the perfect pumpkin…

Captain… Underpants?

Haha. ()

My pumpkin is the beauty in the middle and I also picked out the baby one. Jon says his has “character”.

The plan is to carve them tonight… hope we get to that!

I’m about to head to the gym with plans for a treadmill workout and then I want to tackle school work for the rest of the day.

Question: Do you like to go pumpkin picking? 

Have a lovely day!