WIAW – Nervous Nelly

Hey guys!

Can’t believe it’s already time for WIAW. This works out perfectly since I didn’t post anything yesterday. I was a little nervous and constantly on the phone with Jon last night. As some of you may know, Jon joined the Air Force. You can read more about us spending time together in New York here. He left for basic training yesterday so we were on the phone quite a bit between his 2 flights and such. He’s wanted this for a looong time and I am so excited for him. Poor thing is probably getting yelled at right now haha. It’s going to be weird not talking to him all of the time. I will be writing ‘love letters’ hah. Little Gunner is going to miss him. Every time he hears a loud truck, he runs to the window thinking it might be his daddy.


He doesn’t want to talk about it…

So between all of the craziness yesterday, here is my WIAW:


Toasted TJ’s whole wheat English muffin with raw almond butter and raspberry jam. This is probably my favorite thing to eat before a run – bread with nut butter.


After I digested breakfast, I headed out to complete a 4 mile run with Gunner to stay on track with my half marathon training. Thank goodness the weather has warmed up a bit here on LI! We all know I am a big baby when it comes to running in the cold!


I found two leftover slices of Cauliflower crust pizza and downed them along with a pear but I didn’t snap a pic. Sorry! BTW: I am obsessed with that pizza!

Before dinner, my mom and I took Gunner to the vet. He was due for some shots. It’s always fun taking a Weimaraner to to the vet. Not! He actually behaves but he just gets so anxious. It’s just the nature of the breed.


My mom and I wanted taco salad so we started to cook the meat but then realized we didn’t have all of our favorite toppings. We had no sour cream or plain greek yog, avocados or black olives. Those are my favorite toppings! Well, beggars can’t be choosers!

After dinner I headed out with my mom to do a little shopping. I picked up this little dress below. I’m standing on my tippy toes so you guys can see the whole thing.

Question: Are you a military girlfriend/wife? Were you with your man through basic training?

Have a lovely Hump Day, everyone!


  1. says:

    Good luck to your boyfriend! You guys will grow stronger through it I think! Those nachos looks pretty good to me! The cheese is my favorite part. How do you add the Greek yogurt to nachos?

  2. says:

    Good luck..I am not a military wife, Im sure its tough!

  3. says:

    TJ’s raw almond butter is my favorite. I picked up another jar today–stuff is seriously addicting!

  4. says:

    I love that dress!! Super cute, where’d you get it? I need to go shopping for more cute dresses, I fly to Vegas in less than a month and I gotta up my game! haha

  5. says:

    gosh can you come cook for me? between the dinner taco salad and cauliflower crust pizza I am mucho jealous!

  6. says:

    All of your eats look awesome. I’m in love with that pizza too. I am a military wife. I married my husband right before he went to basic training. Some women are made to be a military wife and some aren’t. I am not but I’m sticking with it until he’s done. He gets out in 2015. Just know that it is a rough road but it’s all about your attitude. If you let it suck it will suck. Try to keep positive. I know it’s hard and none of it is ever fair. If you ever have a question or just feel frustrated and want to talk just shoot me an email! kristen@changeofpaceforme.com We are getting ready to do our 4th deployment next month. It’s the last one thankfully! :)

  7. says:

    I am a Navy brat, and my dad is still active duty. I know being a military wife was hard on my mom, but like Kristen@Change of Pace it is all about attitude. My mom said she would number her hand written letters, so they stayed in order. I spent 2.5 years doing long distance with my now husband, and it definitely made us closer. Biggest suggestion, stay busy, makes time go faster! By the way Gunner is so cute!

    • says:

      Thank you! Yes, for most of mine and Jon’s relationship we have been long distance so this is nothing new for us – just the fact that I can’t call him! But I am definitely going to keep busy!

  8. says:

    Love taco salad! Sorry to hear about you and Jon having to spend time apart, but it’s wonderful that he’s going after a dream! I know long distance will be tough, but you’ll make it and it makes the times together that much more meaningful!

  9. says:

    ahh that must be so tough at first gettin use to it all, good luck with it ! mg i hate taking my dog to the vet hes a golden and drags me all excited and grabs stuff off shelves its so embarrasing lol your dinner looks awesome btw and olives are the best topping !

  10. sofitsogreen says:

    Cute dress! Love the blog :) I live in a military town and work with a lof of families who spend time apart. Honestly, they always seem to value love and relationships on a never take for granted level. It’s really sweet to witness. You can do it and it will make ya’ll 100 times closer :)

  11. Amy says:

    Stress goes with that kind of change for your guy and being apart………keep calm:) Gunner is so cool–I love how pets seem to avoid the camera………….:)

  12. says:

    so many things to say.. I’ve never been a military girlfriend but I had a friend who was on duty for a long time and just constantly talking to him made everything better. We used to always be on facebook messanger and regular email. You guys will make it work! :) also that raw almond butter toast looks amazing, same with that taco bowl. I need those in my life this weekend!


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