Dining In vs. Dining Out

Morning, friends!

I have a confession to make. I really need to stop snapping pictures with my iPhone. Laziness!

Last night, I broke out the wok and made my General Tso’s Chicken. I haven’t made this in so long! It is seriously delicious.

That picture is so blurry and I think I knew it when I took it but I didn’t want to take another one because I would have to wait another 5 seconds to eat. That’s sad. But, mmmm everyone really enjoyed it. We served the chicken over jasmine rice and with a side of asparagus.

As I was making this meal, I was thinking how much I enjoy cooking at home. When I was in college, my friends and I would always have dinner parties. We would coordinate and all bring a dish or wine.  I love that I can get in the kitchen and make enchiladas and margaritas and feel like I’m in Mexico (okay, sort of – once the tequila kicks in ;)  ). I love cooking a marinara sauce all day on a Sunday and enjoying a glass of red. Don’t get me wrong – getting dressed up and eating out once in a while is so fun and so necessary. However, I really love cooking international dishes at home. I like controlling the seasoning and flavor of a dish. And lets face it: eating home is a heck of a lot cheaper.

Question: So tell me, what is your favorite dish to make at home that you would normally order out in a restaurant/for takeout?

Have a lovely day!


  1. says:

    I like making homemade sweet potato fries! That meal looks very good tho!

  2. says:

    Enchiladas or sweet and sour chicken. Would love to know your general tsos recipe.

  3. says:

    I love cooking at home too, i rarely eat out for money sake but still I don’t really miss eating out a ton

    • says:

      Same here. I think eating out should definitely be thought of as a ‘treat’ and not as ‘the norm’!

  4. says:

    I love making a quick veggie fried rice dish at home, versus ordering the MSG filled Chinese food version. It’s so easy, fast, and cheap!

  5. says:

    Haha I totally relate with snapping quick pictures on the iPhone. Is it terrible that all of my pictures pretty much come from my phone? I really need to get a camera! I agree with you that cooking at home is so much better because you can control the flavor. For me, I sometimes feel like I’m allergic to salt. I literally don’t use it which is definitely a little strange but when I go out to eat, I’m always so thirsty because restaurants over salt everything! I think seafood is always good homemade too!

  6. says:

    We love making anything mexican at home. We haven’t been to a mexican restaurant in a long time because we actually make it better at home! :)

  7. says:

    Having a good meal at home beats going out any day for me. Much cheaper and you don’t have to get all dressed up!

  8. says:

    Pizza! I can’t remember the last time we had pizza in a restaurant because it’s so much better to eat at home.

  9. says:

    I prefer to make any polish food at home rather than order it somewhere. I feel as though homemade polish food has so much more heart in it.

  10. says:

    I LOVE rice and beans when it comes as a side at Mexican/Brazillian restaurants – when I make it at home it’s never quite the same!
    The asparagus in that picture looks delicious.. you’ve got me craving it!

    • says:

      Thank you for reminding me! I haven’t had rice and beans in ages! I love it with a side of spinach and tons of hot sauce :)

  11. says:

    i love making thai food with a peanut sauce and coconut rice, soo good!

    i also nominated you for the liebster award!

  12. says:

    Pad Thai is my favorite go to dish to make at home. I can add any veggies I have in the fridge/freezer and tofu/tempeh as well. Or just eat the noodles. SO good.

  13. says:

    I take my pics with my phone too! It actually is a better camera than my actual camera, LOL. I find that when I eat out even when I attempt to get a healthier dish it’s just not worth it! Calorie or money wise! They usually drown it in butter or oil- gross.

  14. says:

    YES! I *love* cooking a meal at home. In college, my friends and I used to do the same thing, except the girls would do all the cooking, and then we’d bring the food to our guy friends’ house (we lived together, and all the boys lived together). They’re usually provide the wine or alcohol, though. ;)


  1. [...] I forgot to add my sriracha. I like a little heat in my life but it was awesome without it. Since the fam and I went to China last night, we might hit up Mexico or Italy tonight. Who knows! You guys know I love cooking at home. [...]

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